About Dermal Dab

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About the Founder

Hi! My name is Nena and I am the founder of Dermal Dab Cosmeceuticals. 

I started making skin care products in my kitchen for only myself. After a few months, my friends and family started noticing the improvements in my skin texture and tone. Some asked for my recipes, while others asked for samples.

Before long, I started receiving special requests for specific products and found myself buying the ingredients that I needed by the gallons and many people were encouraging me to sell my products...so I did.

Now, all of my products are made in a lab in the USA and they are still natural, vegan, cruelty free, non-Gmo, and highly effective!



About Dermal Dab

Dermal Dab Cosmeceuticals is committed to providing our clients the highest quality of skin care products and unprecedented integrity of service. We aspire to make a positive impact on lives by providing the most effective products that improve overall appearance and health and by encouraging a natural and holistic approach that emboldens confidence, positivity, healthy lifestyle choices, and an overall beautiful life.