About Dermal Dab

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About the Founder

Hi! My name is Tanisha and I am the founder of Dermal Dab Cosmeceuticals. I am a mother of four who always emphasized the importance of making good choices that positively affect their health, community, and overall well-being. I feel a sense of higher calling, which guided my decision to assist those in need by earning my first degree in the Nursing field. 

It became apparent that my inquisitive nature was starving for answers that nursing could not provide.
I enrolled into the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and applied that knowledge as a Clinical Research Associate where I gained valuable knowledge regarding drug regulations and clinical trial protocols. And in 2009, I obtained my most recent degree at the University of Maryland with an M.S. in Biotechnology and pharmaceutical studies.

My intense studies and employment history has afforded me specialized knowledge regarding drug interactions, cellular repair, and other biological processes that I now apply to design and manufacturer highly-effective, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO skin care products.


About Dermal Dab

Dermal Dab Cosmeceuticals is committed to providing our clients the highest quality of skin care products and unprecedented integrity of service. We aspire to make a positive impact on lives by providing the most effective products that improve overall appearance and health and by encouraging a natural and holistic approach that emboldens confidence, positivity, healthy lifestyle choices, and an overall beautiful life.