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What is a Toner and Do You Really Need It?

What is a Toner and Do You Really Need It?

Every skin care routine should contain at least three steps: wash, tone, moisturize. But because astringents and toners are often used in the same way, many people are confused about what makes them different from one another.

Astringents are typically used on oily or acne-prone skin. They are alcohol-based solution that is meant to shrink or constrict the skin. The presence of alcohol will dehydrate your skin and give it a tight feeling.

Toners are water-based solutions that are suitable for all types of skin. Toners hydrate the skin with humectants. In addition to humectants, Dab to Tone contains natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, essential oils that will soothe irritated skin, and witch hazel to remove dirt, oil, and makeup.

Here are four more reasons why you should to use Dab to Tone.

  1. Dab to Tone will give your skin a moisturizing boost when left damp before applying moisturizer.
  2. It will remove harsh, drying chemicals (such as chlorine and minerals) that are found in tap water.
  3. Dab to Tone will balance the pH in the skin.
  4. It will protect your skin from environmental damage, free radicals, and acne-causing bacteria.


But don’t take our word for it…try Dab to Tone and see for yourself!

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