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Staying Young Is a Learning Process

Staying Young Is a Learning Process

Have you ever seen someone who looks 15-20 years older than his or her actual age? It’s not always the case – but those who age earlier may not have learned how to stay young. They accept aging as a part of life and every little ache and pain or possible life change that comes their way is accepted as a part of getting old as if nothing can change it. But we can change it.

In fact, maintaining longevity is a matter of learning. As we age, our brains slowly deteriorate. When our brain processes significantly decrease, the aging process rapidly increases. For this reason, it is in your best interest to keep your mind young, active, and healthy for an extended life span.

This is because the core of all metabolic and cellular processes in your body is your brain; keeping your mind active and sharp is essential to your youthfulness. Every thing that your body does, including hormone production, is a result of your mind processing the necessary signals to accomplish it.

Expanding your mind can be easier than you may think. Using all your senses on a daily basis can help you learn new things and preserve memory. A small effort such as using your non-dominant hand to stir your coffee requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Crossword puzzles, dancing, Sudoku puzzles, painting, learning a language, and other activities that stimulate the brain are also excellent ways to prevent premature aging. Moreover, participating in 30 minutes per day of aerobic exercises increases capillary development in the brain. This means more blood, oxygen, and nutrients are being sent to your brain.

Make the most of the years you have by educating yourself on the art of staying young and preventing premature aging. There’s so much to learn – and science is constantly uncovering new ways to live to a ripe old age and enjoy it more.


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