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Is Wearing Foundation Makeup Daily Bad For Your Skin?

Is Wearing Foundation Makeup Daily Bad For Your Skin?

Anti-aging products are designed to prevent the appearance of getting older. Most skin care products are designed to address certain signs of aging, while other products prevent them. Taking anti-aging and preventative aging measures should be a focus for everyone, regardless to gender, age, or skin type.

Wearing makeup that contains ingredients like Titanium Dioxide offers a barrier of protection against harmful UV rays. UV rays from the sun are the #1 reason for skin aging. It’s not genetics, smoking, and believe it or not, even age. The sun is the skin’s WORST enemy. Based on this benefit from wearing makeup, wearing makeup almost becomes essential. So, in addition to cleansing twice per day and using a vitamin-enriched moisturizer, protect your face from wrinkles by wearing a good foundation.

However, it should be noted that foundation makeup is not a substitute for wearing sunscreen. Wearing w lightweight foundation that won’t clog your pores can ensure your skin gets the full UV protection it needs.

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