How to Maintain A Youthful Appearance Without Spending A Penny

How to Maintain A Youthful Appearance Without Spending A Penny

Natural skin care entails enabling the skin to take care of itself (without any assistance from synthetic materials/ chemicals). Because healthy skin starts from the inside out, several natural skin care measures focus on what you put in your body; while other techniques include maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The most important natural skin care measure is the consumption of water. Your age, body weight, and daily activity determines how much water you actually need to drink but a good rule of thumb is to consume approximately 8 glasses of water everyday. Hydrated skin gives a younger, healthy appearance and water helps to naturally flush toxins from the body. It also aids with the overall upkeep of the body and promotes good health for all organs (not just skin).

Healthy food and eating habits are also highly recommended for natural skin care. Some types of food, such as fried and sweet food, are known to cause acne and should be avoided as much as possible. To naturally maintain healthy skin, your diet should be a healthy mix of various nutrient-providing foods. Raw fruits and leafy green vegetables are known to provide essentials to your body and assist with the expulsion of toxins.

Regular exercise is the most important lifestyle activity required for a balanced natural skin care regime. Exercise increases the flow of blood that helps in getting rid of body toxins and keeping you healthy. Exercise is a big factor in minimizing stress and getting adequate sleep.

Stress causes overall damage to your skin and organs. Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a huge contributor of insomnia, weight gain. Elevated levels of cortisol also increase the risk for heart disease and are known to impair the immune, nervous, and digestive system. Excess amounts of this stress hormone can result in the break down of skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic. Indulging in a warm bubble bath, listening to music, participating in Yoga, and playing your favorite sport are all excellent ways of combating stress.

Sleep is instrumental in maintaining a youthful appearance. Chronic sleep loss can lead to fine lines and dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Additionally, when you do not get enough sleep, your body feels stressed and releases cortisol and we have already discussed the detrimental effects of excess cortisol. Furthermore, lack of sleep prevents your body from releasing adequate human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is essential in preventing thinning of skin, maintaining muscle mass, and sustaining strong bones.

The final notable natural skin care strategy to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays by avoiding excessive exposure to sun (by wearing a hat, long sleeved clothes, using an umbrella, avoiding tanning beds, etc.). Aside from causing skin cancer, UV radiation and has long been known to play a major part in skin aging and wrinkling (photoaging).

It is never too late to reverse the effects of aging. Because healthy skin starts from the inside out, several natural skin care measures focus on what you put in your body, while other techniques include maintaining a healthy lifestyle; however, if you want more immediate results, Dab to Refresh (Salicylic Mint Wash), Dab to Illuminate (Eye brightening, anti-wrinkle cream), Dab to Hydrate (Dermagen HA serum), and Dab for Youthfulness (vitamin enriched mega moisturizing cream) are EXACTLY what you need!


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