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How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Anti-aging products are designed to prevent the appearance of aging. Most skin care products are designed to address certain signs of aging, while other products prevent them. Taking anti-aging and preventative aging measures should be a focus for everyone, regardless to gender, age, or skin type.

Purchasing products that are not formulated for your skin type can be a big waste of money. If you want to get the most out of the skin care products that you use, it is essential to know your skin type.

Oily skin – If you have large pores all over your face and your skin gets shiny throughout the day and visible oil appears, then you have oil within your skin, and therefore can be considered an oily skin type.

Combination skin – If your pores are larger primarily in the T-zone (across forehead, nose, and chin) and visible oil appears in those areas throughout the day, but the skin produces only a little oil in other areas, then you can be considered a combination skin type.

Normal skin – If your skin produces just a little T-zone oil (mostly in the summer) but the skin doesn’t usually get flaky, though it my feel tight, then you can be considered a normal skin type.

Dry skin – If your skin most always feels tight, looks rough, has small pores and is tight and flaky (especially during the winter), then you can be considered a dry skin type.

In addition to one of the skin type above, your skin may also have one or more of the following characteristics:

Sensitive skin – Although there is no official medical definition for sensitive skin, sufferers of this characteristic typically experience rashes or itch, or sting in response to products and weather. Most women with sensitive skin find it annoying; however, rosacea and eczema are two extreme examples that often require medical advice.

Sensitive skin tends to get red and flushed easily from products, after being touched, after hot showers, or by alcohol and consumption of spicy foods. This skin type will benefit from gentle ingredients such as sea kelp, the most potent antioxidant of all teas.

Dermal Dab’s Dab to Tone Marine Toner calms red, sensitive skin using a blend of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. If you have sensitive skin, it is especially important to avoid products with synthetic fragrances. It is the #1 cause of allergic reactions to products. Dermal Dab avoids using synthetic fragrances in all of our products. Instead, some of our products contain all natural essential oils, which give off a light scent while conditioning the skin.

Under-circulated skin – People who have this characteristic typically have a flushed skin tone. Other symptoms include skin discoloration, slow scar healing, dark under eye circles, and premature wrinkle formation. This skin type will benefit from using ingredients like peppermint, green tea, and caffeine, which encourage the dilation of blood vessels, allowing the skin to accommodate more nutrient-rich blood resulting in bright, glowing skin.

The peppermint oil in Dab to Refresh facial cleanser is an excellent way to increase circulation. Similarly, Dab to Illuminate contains caffeine and other nutrients that will remove dark under eye circles.

Acne-prone skin – This type of skin can be very severe or occur occasionally and it can occur at any age. Although not always, most of the people who have this characteristic have either oily or combination skin type. The best ingredients for this characteristic include salicylic acid, AHAs (such as lactic acid and citric acid), and vitamin A derivatives. Dab to Clear contains all of those ingredients and several items that reduce the production of oil.


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