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How To Choose The Products For Your Skin Type

How To Choose The Products For Your Skin Type

Anti-aging products are designed to prevent the appearance of getting older. Most skin care products are designed to address certain signs of aging, while other products prevent them. Taking anti-aging and preventative aging measures should be a focus for everyone, regardless to gender, age, or skin type.

However, to get the most out of the products that you use, it is important to use products that were formulated for your skin type. If you notice any of the following after using particular products, you should consider a change.

Stings and/or burns. If a product makes your skin sting or burn, it is not formulated for your skin type. The exception to this rule is when using an acid serum where it specifically indicates that a stinging sensation is to be expected. Alcohol and synthetic fragrances added to skin care products are irritants and commonly causes of skin sensitivity; however, this does not mean that you have sensitive skin.

Dermal Dab uses natural ingredients and does not contain harsh irritants.

Leaves a greasy residue. Moisturizers that leave a greasy residue are not ideal for your skin type. The excess is due to a lack of absorption, which is an indication that the moisturizer may be too rich or oily for you. The excess product rests on top of the skin leading to clogged pores.
Leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. Products that make your skin feel tight or dry after usage are not suitable for your skin type. Many people associate a tight feeling with cleanliness but this is not the case. The tight feeling is typically the result of dehydration. Often, foaming cleansers that contain sulfates and toners that contain alcohols can severely strip the skin of needed moisture.

Dermal Dab only offers sulfate-free cleansers and alcohol-free toners that are made with natural ingredients suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Exfoliates but leaves your skin flaky. Exfoliating with the wrong product or too often can damage the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in invisible cracks in the skin that allow moisture to escape. This results is dry, flaky skin. Often, seeing flakes is a signal to exfoliate again but when using the wrong products, this will make the situation worse.

Dab to Unveil is Dermal Dab’s signature exfoliating towelette that contains lactic and salicylic acid. These towelettes are strong enough to be used only once per week and will give a dermabrasion result.

Becomes easily irritated. Using skin care products that irritate the skin actually increase the rate in which you age. This is because inflammation is the underlying cause of aging, and products that irritate the skin cause inflammation.

Makes you excessively oily. Using harsh products formulated for oily skin can dehydrate the skin causing it to produce more oil in an effort to balance itself. Skin hydration is the most important aspect to producing less oil. If you have oily skin, five pieces of advice that will reduce oil production:

1. Always use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid to wash your skin twice per day.

2. Use an alcohol-free toner such as Dab to Tone.

3. While skin is still damp with toner, use lightweight, oil-free moisturizer like Dab to Clear, a moisturizer to reduce oil production.

4. Blot your skin throughout the day with blotting papers or tissue paper.

5. Always apply a toner and moisturizer within 60 seconds of washing. This will prevent water from evaporating thereby dehydrating the skin.

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