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4 Easy Simple Steps To Hydrate Oily Skin Without Causing Breakouts

4 Easy Simple Steps To Hydrate Oily Skin Without Causing Breakouts

If you are someone who has oily but flaky skin, this article is for you! This combination of skin problems is characterized by dry or flaky skin with a layer of oil sitting on top and visible blemishes. Although not exclusive, this phenomenon typically affects those between the ages of 20s to 40s years old. Having dehydrated, dry, and oily skin at that same time is a difficult combination to handle. Combine that with the complication of acne breakouts and the problem seems impossible to solve! However, treatment is actually easier than you may think.


Here are 4 simple ways to hydrate oily skin without causing breakouts.


  1. Avoid using a harsh, facial cleanser.

Many cleansers that target acne often contain harsh detergents or chemicals that are designed to dry up pimples; however, they also dry out the entire face. By using these types of products, you may see temporary results, but ultimately the acne and oil will return worse than before.


This is because drying out the entire face will result in creating a layer of dead skin cell buildup, which can trap oil and bacteria under the skin causing more bumps and breakouts. Moreover, when oily skin that becomes dry, the cells overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness, resulting in very oily, shiny, acne skin.


To avoid this phenomenon, choose a facial cleanser that is sulfate and benzoyl peroxide free as both of those ingredients will result in dryness. Within 60 seconds, apply the second step of your skin care routine to prevent drying from the evaporation of water.


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  1. Always use an alcohol-free toner after cleansing to give your skin a boost of hydration.

The second step of your skin care routine should include the application of an alcohol-free toner. Toners are the best way to deeply hydrate all types of skin. Because oily skin has excess oil beneath the surface layers (which is the reason that pores become clogged), it requires water. Toners penetrate deeper layers of the skin to deliver the water that those cells need.

Immediately after completing this step, apply a serum to treat specific problems (such as acne) or proceed to the third step of applying a moisturizer.



  1. Use an oil-free moisturizer that has anti-bacterial properties.

Moisturizers lock in the moisture, prevent drying, and stabilize oil production. It is very important part of treating oily skin; however, finding a good moisturizer for acne-prone skin can be a difficult task.

Avoid using moisturizers containing clogging ingredients like petroleum, mineral oil or silicones like dimethicone can be counter-productive. Facial moisturizers for acne-prone skin should be oil-free and contain anti-bacterial properties. These two properties will reduce the likelihood of future breakouts.


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  1. Always use products that are designed for your skin type. 

To get the most out of the products, it is important to use products that were formulated for your skin type. If you notice any of the following after using particular products, you should consider a change:

  • Stings and/or burns. If a product makes your skin sting or burn, it is not formulated for your skin type.
  • Leaves a greasy residue. Moisturizers that leave a greasy residue are not ideal for your skin type.
  • Leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. Products that make your skin feel tight or dry after usage are not suitable for your skin type.
  • Becomes easily irritated. Using skin care products that irritate the skin actually increase the rate in which you age.
  • Makes you excessively oily. Using harsh products formulated for oily skin can dehydrate the skin causing it to produce more oil in an effort to balance itself.


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And that’s it! By following these 4 easy steps you will lock in the moisture, prevent drying, stabilize oil production, and prevent pimple formation.


Try these steps and send me your story with a photo for a free product of your choice! For more information, email us at Info@DermalDab.com.



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