3 Pillars to Living a Beautiful Life

3 Pillars to Living a Beautiful Life

I’m always being asked why I end my emails with “Live beautifully” and what exactly does that mean. And every time I am asked, it catches me off-guard. Being beautiful is everything to me but beauty is much deeper than the outside appearance. In order to be truly beautiful, I believe one must live a beautiful life.

A beautiful life is one that makes you feel surrounded by love, full of inspiration, and overflowing with positivity. Even with its difficulties and challenges, life can be beautiful. Follow these three pillars and you will surely #LiveBeautifully.

Pillar #1 – Beautiful Relationships

Women are multifaceted and we do our best of over-achieve at all of our commitments. We are constantly re-balancing our lives to include one more commitment; however, when we overcommit ourselves, no one in our lives gets the best of us!

Most people don't feel they spend too much time with family or friends and too little at work. To #LiveBeautifully, it is essential to build beautiful relations. Spend quality time with loved ones. When you are with them, be focused on them. Leave work at work. Appreciate and enjoy the personalities of each person. Pay attention to the little things like the similarities and differences in each person’s facial expressions. Live in the very moment.

Pillar #2 – Beautiful Experiences

Build a life around experiences, rather than possessions. Happiness brought on by material purchases fades over time; whereas, experiences become ingrained into our identity and gain value to us as time passes. Unique experiences encourage curiosity, which makes us feel connected to the world around us. So dabble in a new hobby, learn a new language, meet women who are unlike yourself, or travel; new experiences help us to grow our souls and develop a new knowledge base.

Pillars #3 – Beautiful You

To #LiveBeautifully, it is not enough to build relationships and try new experiences; it is also essential to reconnect with yourself. You are more than an employee, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a friend. You are you! You are special and like no other individual on this planet. At a minimum, you are worth thirty minutes per day. Whether it is indulging in a new skin care routine, starting a new exercise routine, or meditating, use this time to make yourself feel beautiful. This is super important because the more beautiful you feel, the more positive interactions you have with your family and peers, and the more confident you become. Because beauty makes you feel confident and confidence amplifies beauty, you can easily see how investing time in yourself pays dividends!

Now that you know the three pillars to creating a beautiful life, I challenge you to apply them. Improve your outlook and influence those around you by taking the pledge.

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